How The Rocky Horror Picture Show Achieved Cult Status

Posted by admin on October 5th, 2012

For many who are fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, as well as those who have heard a lot about it but have yet to see the film, the question often arises, how did the film achieve such high cult status? There are quite a few fans who would never question the details of the film’s rise to fame; but for some of us, questions such as this are what keep the fires burning for cult classics.

The more inquiries regarding the nature of the film’s hype, the more attention is still being focused on one of our favorite all time cult classics. So without further ado, here are the top five reasons why The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a burning beacon of cult classic fame.

1.It was scandalous!
At the time, circa 1975, the content of the film (straight laced couple ends up in the castle of a transsexual mad scientist) was extremely taboo. Who doesn’t love a little bit of shock?
2.It received grassroots treatment from fans
Rocky Horror would have never become the hit it is today without the help of fans. One fan in particular, Tim Deegan, signed up the film to be shown at the Waverly Theater (Greenwich Village) in April of ’76; by the fall of the same year, RHPS was a hit!
3.Three words: The Time Warp
Everyone loves catchy songs, especially when they have an equally catchy dance to go with them. Modern bands and shows have done their own “covers” of this song, with the latest being Glee. This trend has introduced countless people to the film, many of which fall in love with it.
4.Like all good cult movies, it’s campy as all get-up.
A good cult movie has a combination of bold and dry humor, and RHPS has both; with wonderful, campy elements and a lot of fun-poking.
5.A timeless cast.
Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon- need we say more? Before these great actors had more mainstream roles; they both did their part to launch Rocky Horror Picture Show to the top!

If you have yet to see this wonderful cult classic, get to the nearest video store and rent a copy of Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s great for this time of year, to show at your Halloween party; heck, you can even watch it at Christmas to really freak out the fam! Enjoy!

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