The Best Broadway Shows For Children To See

Posted by admin on October 15th, 2012

Theater is not just for adults. It is something children of all ages can enjoy. Exposing children to theatrical arts at an early age has many advantages. Studies have shown children exposed to the arts are better learners than their counterparts. Theater opens their minds to something unique. They get to see their favorite characters come to life right before them. This stimulates their brain. They become more curious and more imaginative.

That being said, if you are taking your child to a Broadway show you will want to take them to one age appropriate. There is something out there for all ages.

The little ones will enjoy The Little Mermaid. The underwater adventure will spring to life right before their eyes. With special lighting and a stage effects, it has been a big hit with the young and young at heart. Even old Ursula looks enchanting on stage.

Another favorite among children is the Lion King. Most children have seen the movie and are familiar with the music. The kids will enjoy singing along with their favorite characters.

If you have school age children, consider taking them to see Wicked. This show has received several awards including three Tony Awards. This Broadway show was based on the book by Gregory Maguire and tells the story of how the land of Oz was before Dorothy ever came along. With plenty of humor they will finally get to see how the wicked witch became wicked and the life she lived with Galinda (later Glinda), the good witc

Finally, if you have teens and want to find something that will hold their attention, take them to see Memphis. This upbeat and energizing musical will grab the attention of even the most stubborn teen. They will be transported back to 1950 in a blaze of glory. This show has plenty of action, music from several different genres and choreography to die to for. Even the most tech-savvy teen might give up their computers or cell phones for a night to enjoy this one with the family.

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