The 10 Best Musicals Ever Produced

Posted by admin on October 19th, 2012

Musicals are loved by theatergoers since they are not only entertaining, but also move audiences. The following are the top 10 musicals ever produced.
1.Lion King
This musical was made in 1997 and was an adaptation of the animated film with the same name from Disney. It debuted in the Lyceum Theatre in London in 1999 and is still being exhibited there. The musical scenes are simple, but tell a remarkable story.
Produced in 2004, this musical tells a story of high school Spanish teacher, who hopes to restore the Glee club in the school to its past glory.
3.Mamma Mia
This 2008 musical is an adaptation of Mamma Mia, a hit song by ABBA in 1970s. It narrates a tale of a bride-to-be, who is trying to trace her biological father.
4.Hair Spray
Released in 2007, this musical tells the story of Tracy Turnblad, a plump teenager who wins a spot to participate in a local TV dance show.
5.Step Up 3D
A group of street dancers in New York must prove their worth when they compete against the best hip hop dancers in the world. The stakes are high during this showdown in this musical released in 2010.
Honey is tough, sexy music video choreographer, who decides to change her life after she gets an ultimatum to either sleep with her mentor or he would blacklist her in the industry. It was released in 2003.
7.Moulin Rouge
This 2001 musical is about a poet who falls madly in love with an exquisite courtesan. However, a jealous duke tries to win her over with this musical.
8.High school musical
This 2006 musical is about two teens “Gabriella and Troy from two different worlds”who discover their common love for music when they meet during a karaoke contest.
Two murderesses”Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly”meet in the death row and fight for fame together. They hope this will keep them away from the 1920s Chicago gallows. This musical was released in 2002
10.Bring it on
This 2000 musical is about high school cheer leading championships and revolves around a high school cheer leading squad that finds out that their captain stole their favorite routines from another school. Despite all these challenges, they must fight to retain the championship.

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